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Job: Senior Web Designer

Active since 21-04-2017 Job category Engineering - Design
Location Amsterdam Level Professional
Educational level Bachelor / Graduate Employment type Fixed term contract with option...
Hours 40 Salary -
People of INDG are looking for a new colleague, a senior web designer to join us in Amsterdam. Expats welcome.

INDG is very much 3D-oriented. It’s our bread & butter and most of what we do is based on 3D. We work on long-term projects for big boys like Philips, Electrolux, Honda, Whirlpool, Yamaha, Heineken and others. We do websites, apps, videos and more. Mostly these are not one-offs like advertising or promo-pages, but rather things that are supposed to live for a long time.

Historically, INDG has been focused on presenting physical products in digital space in all sorts of interesting ways. With time, we became rather good at this and started automating a lot. This gave birth to powerful R&D and what we now call a ‘product team’, essentially a software company inside a design company.
And so, December last year, we found ourselves in a situation where a great deal of what we do can be scripted and commoditized. And so we decided to do that. As we are doing that, however, INDG keeps looking for new challenges. This year we found ourselves releasing several augmented reality apps, a couple of virtual reality installments and making an attempt to produce websites based on machine learning.
This opens new perspectives for us as a group on different levels. First, we must build new communications for INDG, as the outdated website and the Facebook provide very little insight into what we actually do. Second, we must come up with smarter projects and support them creatively in ways unavailable previously.


  • Creating concepts of super rich websites and coming up with ways of explaining them to clients, via pitch decks, storyboards, text and whatnot.
  • Doing whatever you come up with to bring everyone around to the next level of design.


Most of INDG work is done via a website engine called PEX that is capable of 3D, video and whatnot. Check out some examples (we’d want you to do much better than this):


Required Skills

  • Love for physical products. We are not going anywhere from working with devices. We do electric toothbrushes and complex MRI systems alike, and so candidates should be prepared to grok how stuff works from day one. If you don’t know what grok is, grok the word grok.
  • Great portfolio and visual skills. Our natural focus is not on service-like design, but rather on clever(er) eye-candy.
  • Love for humans. Designers inside INDG are often in direct contact with English-speaking customers, defending and explaining their concepts.
What we offer

In addition to an environment where passion for technology and creative thinking is rewarded, INDG offers a competitive salary and benefits package, including training and career-development perks. Feel free to check out our portfolio on Should your profile look like an ideal match, we would be happy to help you relocate. Relocation support includes but is not limited to: application for the 30% ruling, housing-search, relocation-loan and tax-return support in the first year.

The procedure

Please apply via the link provided. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our HR Department at +31 (0) 20 488 9696.

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This listing is a full-time job

Job category Engineering - Design
Industry / Industries Advertising / Communications / Media
Region Netherlands
Keywords web designer, senior, design

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Name Lisette Meerman