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Job: Software Architect

Active since 04-04-2017 Job category IT - Software Development
Location Amsterdam Level Professional
Educational level Bachelor / Graduate Employment type Fixed term contract with option...
Hours 40 Salary -
Software Architect

INDG is a group of creativity and engineering where both aspects treated equally seriously. To further pursue our ambition of delivering beautiful, long-lasting and meaningful digital products, we invite a software architect to join the team in Amsterdam. Expats welcome.

As a little illustration, consider Amikasa, one of our apps ( Many believe it to be the best-in-class casual home decoration tool. Amikasa isn't a one-off. It's been built on top of our framework called RoomBuilder that also gave birth to branded apps for Ralph Lauren or, the largest Dutch e-tailer.

All RoomBuilder-based apps are updated whenever the framework is updated. Commercial customers are obviously happy with this, but it also works for the public good, as Amikasa is free. Same is true for the furniture inside Amikasa, i.e. the creative part: new items are regularly added based on the streamlined 3D modelling process.

Besides RoomBuilder, INDG has other products, such as a website engine called PEX (e.g. and an upcoming graphical product that kindled interest of huge companies whose products you see every day.

Thus, INDG is a nice place to be: with a 15-year-long history far past its startup stage, but also very unlike an enterprise environment. It is winning large customers such as Yamaha, Honda, Electrolux or Philips with pacing technology and creative quality, rather than early-on historical integration. The products are visual and impactful, producing clear, measurable and rich results with every release.

The role of a Software Architect is overarching and free. Here are things we're aiming for:

  • All INDG products written in good-style, high-quality, efficient manner
  • Developers and QA engineers (internal and external) are motivated, inspired and always looking to use best practices
  • Development team is growing professionally
  • Development is well-structured and predictable
  • Right architectural decisions are in place, making sure that products are released according to roadmap and schedules
  • And, of course, decisions on roadmaps and schedules themselves are informed and motivated

A Software Architect within INDG can expect to be in close contact with three parties:

  • Product Manager: for roadmap, schedules and such
  • CTO: for technical vision
  • R&D department for demos/concepts or ideas of new products

A Software Architect can expect the following day-to-day responsibilities:

  • Write high quality, efficient code to set a high bar for other team members (20—30% of the time)
  • Lead a team of internal and external developers who report directly to them: a team of about 10 people
  • Oversee the whole development cycle, from concept to delivery, including architecture, testing, work methods (SCRUM) and such.
  • Actively participate in development and execution of the product roadmap in close cooperation with our Product Manager
  • Be highly involved in code reviews
  • Be highly involved in improving deployments and releases
  • Coordinate across multiple functional groups like product, QA, and distribution so that products are a hit
  • Work closely with QA Engineers in automation testing and problem resolution
We also give an approximate list of requirements, although it is what it is -approximate- as talented architects, in our experience, close the gaps in their knowledge quickly and relatively effortlessly:
  • Advanced software development skills with excellent knowledge of the OOP, design, prototyping, implementation, testing and troubleshooting paradigms
  • Experience with technologies such as C#, HTML5, Unity3D, JavaScript
  • Knowledge of best development practices, design patterns, SCRUM, cloud solutions, continuous integration, TDD
  • Knowledge of enterprise-level ecommerce or CMS platform integrations such as Adobe AEM (Hybris is beneficial)
  • Experience leading (small) teams
  • Experience being an integral member of a high performance team making important individual contributions
  • A strong record of project execution and completion and experience with Scrum and agile development practices
  • Experience building and maintaining RESTful web services

In other words, INDG is looking for someone very smart, very reasonable, opinionated, quite hands-on and interested in our design-development cocktail.

And, of course:

INDG offers a competitive salary and benefits package, including training and career-development perks. We believe that, as your knowledge and skills improve, so does INDG. Let’s create a professional development plan together. Should your profile look like an ideal match, we would be happy to help you relocate. Relocation support includes but is not limited to: application for the 30% ruling, housing-search, relocation-loan and tax-return support in the first year.

The procedure:

Please send your resume and cover letter via the link provided. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our HR Department at +31 (0) 20 488 9696 or through

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This listing is a full-time job

Job category IT - Software Development
Industry / Industries IT
Region Netherlands
Keywords Software; Digital; ;Software Architect; C#; engineering; products; Unity; VR; AR; CGi; platform; software; framework; virtual; augmented; programming; development

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